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News Item: Welcome to BattleN00bs
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Posted by whiteshark
Friday 17 June 2016 - 01:12:08

We have a small friendly community that plays BF4, We are not a big Community Even tho we have a good few Peeps in our platoon, Our platoon is open to all.

We are a EU community but We have members from all over the world, We are a English speaking community, We have BF4 & TS3 Servers that are based in the Netherlands & Germany.

We are a friendly community that plays for fun, We are not looking for vast numbers but to steadily add to our community , We are looking for mature, friendly and active players that use TS3,
We are looking for good people that will fit in in this awesome community, We are about quality before quantity

We have Active Members, Platoon Member & Reg that play BF4 and use TS3, We are all nice and friendly people come and and say Hello.

Recruitment is open.

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